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DK - You Control Your Own Destiny

International 2012 Team GB Table Tennis player Darius Knight has created his own brand of table tennis products and equipment – DK.

The products range from hobby based equipment, including bats and balls to a creative unique range of bats and blades. Darius also has his own range of tables - DK DREAM, DK AMBITION and an outdoor use table - the DK URBAN. Each product has its own unique story from aspects of his life.

The equipment is aimed at a wide range of audiences including schools, youth clubs, home use and sports centres. For those with a more keen interest in Table Tennis a range of bespoke products including personalised bats and tables are available.

As well as selling equipment Darius Knight Ltd offers a number of other services including hiring of equipment and professional coaching.

Table tennis is the 3rd most participated sport in the UK and 2nd in the world. This contributes to why Darius is so passionate about his business; he believes Table Tennis is something everyone needs. It is one of the only sports that anyone and everyone can participate in – age in this sport is irrelevant. It brings families together as it is a sport suitable for the whole family - children, parents, husband and wife, and gran and grandad.

Darius’s aim is to get Table Tennis present in every school – he started participating in the days when Table Tennis was scarce in schools. Table Tennis changed his life dramatically, from your everyday youngster to a Team GB athlete and he wants to make sure other children have the opportunity to participate and excel.

Darius wants to provide consumers with the equipment they need for the most effective play. All of the products have been designed for practicality – easy storage of tables, quick set up and excellent quality across all products.

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Darius Knight